I am Nika Maksimyuk, professional photojournalist. I studied photojournalism in MSU, worked for 4 years as a photo correspondent in mass media in Russia. Mostly i was covering political events, such as demonstrations, protest actions and trials of Russian opposition. My diploma subject was: "Political photojournalism: moral, ethical and legal characteristics" (partly published in "Neprikosnovenny zapas" magazine). After 2014, when political situation in Russia changed to worse, I moved towards commercial photography (while there were many trials of activists because of participating in demonstrations and I didn't want my photos to be the evidence of their "crimes". After that i worked in a photolabarotory for a while and switched to wedding photography. Then i emigrated, now i live in Berlin and work as a freelance-photographer in all genres: portrait, couples, events, politics, streetphoto.