I was born in 1992 in the center of russian colonial empire - in Moscow. I was born from immigrant parents - dad grew up in Ukrainian   diaspora of Kazakhstan (his Ukrainian ansestors were deported there in early years of USSR) and mom - from asian part of Russia. I was born the year soviet empire fell apart. 

 Dad left the family when I was 3 and didn't support us nohow further, so I grew up with two women - mom and grandmom. From the very childhood I learned, what is feminism needed for. From my female caregivers. They were both very traumatized - and themselves abusive, therefore.

 I grew up in 90-th - relatively free period of time, when LGBT and non-binary artists were on TV, when mental health started to be discussed openly and these talks were being normalized, when people with disabilities started to get more included in active life, when sex-education started to come to schools. I dreamed to become a journalist - I wanted to speak truth, protect vulnerable people, take part in building a better, more fair social system. 

 In 2008 I started my education as a journalist in Moscow State university.